Activity Programme

3-5 Room Actvity Programme

With financial assistance from 'Awards for All' funding, we are able to offer a range of physical activity programmes including lessons in swimming, football, music and movement and muay thai at no additional cost (subject to availability) in the year before our children go to school at High Flyers @ Hallside Road. We believe these activities promote the children's development and learning accross the curriculum and encourage listening and communication skills, team work and positive collaboration skills, problem solving skills, creativity, independence, co-ordination - the list goes on!

High Flyers @ Kirkhill Church hope to commence a similar activity programme later on in the year, once more children begin to join the new setting.  

High Flyers Nursery also offer sessions at our woodland nursery for all 3 – 5 children. We provide waterproof suits, rucksacks, water bottles and packed lunches  - we ask that you provide warm layers for underneath our waterproof clothing and waterproof footwear. Throughout the day, children explore all aspects of the curriculum including health and wellbeing, social studies, sciences, literacy and English, and numeracy and mathematics through outdoor play. 

For more information on woodland outdoor learning please visit Outdoor and Woodland Learning Scotland.         

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